Miskolc City Library functions as an independent institution since January 1., 1960. At the beginning it had more than 30 branch libraries within Miskolc with a purpose to serve the public.

The number of branch libraries dropped significqally after furidical changes when shool libraries were put under supervision of the educational institutions. Now Miskolc City Library has eight branch libraries and three deposit libraries with 41 professionals and a 15 member technical staff to ensure the highest level of services possible.

The main strenght of the Library network is that it covers the city of Miskolc, the Library both has branches in the city centre and the suburbs. Library patrons can use Library sercices on a daily basis: indoor use of the documents, circulation of certain types of documents (books and reference material, newspapers and magazines, audiovisual and electronic documents), ILL, reference services, music-related services, photocopying, digital copying, printing and bibliographical services.

All of the branches offer the possibility to use the computers with internet access — partons can use more than fifty workstations.

According to the strategy of the European Union, the Library aims to help members of older generations to confidently discover and use next-generation devices and methods. Our information specialists help beginners to discover the basics of computer science and the World Wide Web and supports advanced users to understand the benefits of e-government methods.

Our Library also aims to help students to become self-confident Library users — to achieve this, we organize quality events, Library lessons, group trainings (both for smaller and larger groups), dedications, exhibitions, and orher campaigns that fit in this profile.

We also have close relationship with the educational institutions of Miskolc, the County Library, the libraries of Miskolc University and other libraries of townships nearby.

We have developed partnership with many non-governmental organizations, such as the regional groups of Hungarian Writers’ Association and Hungarian Association of Literary History.

Besides of basic services we aim to play vital role in transmitting culture in general, with organizing such events as the Day of Poetry commemoration in Lillafüred, the local events of the National Book Fair, and the Writers’ Camp in Tokaj.

In 2010, on the 50th anniversary of the Library we changed the name of the institution to “Miskolc City Library and Information Centre” to denote our new roles, activities and services.